EBOHR Timepiece Culture Museum is the first timepiece museum in Shenzhen to focus on clocks and time culture, which is an important part of EBOHR industrial tourism project. It is located in EBOHR Building, Watch industry base, Guangming district, Shenzhen and founded in June, 2018.

The museum is about 1440 square meters including two storeys. It consists of nine exhibition areas: light and shadow clock circular hall, the development of timepieces in ancient China area, the development of timepieces in the world area, the development of Chinese watches area, contemporary world clock area, the watch with new technique area, EBOHR Brand, timepiece fans interactive area, thematic exhibition area, each of them will show different timepieces that span time and space. It is home to over 300 exhibits all over the country.
The Museum Area
Nine exhibition areas
Over 300 exhibits
EBOHR Timepiece Culture Museum collects hundreds of ancient and modern at home and abroad exquisite timepieces collection. Timepieces such as ancient large timer, Antique European clock, the Chinese imperial clock, the brand watch in modern world. With the help of multimedia digital equipment and other modern technology display technology, it displays the timepiece historical development, cultural connotation and artistic value to visitors in an all-round way.

EBOHR Timepiece Culture Museum is sponsored and established by Shenzhen EBOHR Luxuries International Ltd. It is better promote the horological culture and knowledge in watch cultural tour project in Shenzhen. It was approved as a municipal timepiece museum, Shenzhen popular science education base and selected as the boutique tourism routes in Guangming district. It is significant for watch education of popular science; communication and industrial development of watch industry. Let more and more people know the charming of timepieces again in every perspective.
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