After-sale Service
Battery Replacement
“EBOHR” is installed with original Swiss and Japanese battery. When the battery is full, the second hand will beat once every second. Most of the movements have an ultimate display function for battery life. When the battery is low, the second hand will beat once every 2 or 4 seconds. When the second hand beats once every 2 or 4 seconds or when there is no second hand, hour pointer and minute hand completely stop, replace the battery so as to prevent any movement damage caused by electrolyte leakage.
Water resistant
When the back cover is inscribed with “WATER RESISTANT”, it is a water resistant watch. If not, it can only prevent dust and should not contact with water.
Water resistance is obtained by waterproof rubber gaskets among watch glass, back cover and button. The aging of waterproof rubber gasket will affect watch’s water resistance. Normally, 30-m water resistant watch can be worn in daily cleaning and rain. 50-m water resistant watch can be worn in swimming. The submersion watch can be worn in diving. To better protect your watch and extend its service life, we suggest that you should try to prevent it from water even though it is water resistant. Generally, a watch cannot fully prevent gas (such as sweat gas and steam) and dust from entering. The watch cannot be worn in hot water, sauna or an environment with radical temperature changes. The reason is that the waterproof rubber gaskets will have a gap due thermal expansion under temperature change and will age more rapidly. Then, water will enter the watch, and mist will appear in the watch which damages the parts. If water enters the watch occasionally (there is steam in the watch glass), send it to the maintenance point for cleaning so as to prevent movement from being corroded.
Runtime precision
Temperature will affect the watch runtime precision. At 8℃~38℃, the watch can run stably and accurately. Magnetic field will affect the watch runtime precision, so the watch should be kept away from the electric appliances generating magnetic field, such as TV and mobile phone. Strenuous vibration will affect the watch runtime precision, so the watch should be taken off before strenuous exercise is done. Battery voltage will affect the runtime precision of quartz watch, so the voltage should be maintained between 1.50V~1.55V. When the temperature goes beyond the normal temperature, the watch will run fast or slow. When the temperature is normal, the runtime will be normal.
Plating protection
“EBOHR” outer parts adopt chemical plating or vacuum plating which features good abrasion. However, some corrosive gases and solid or liquid chemicals will corrode galvanized coating and make it fall off. Therefore, the watch can be prevented from common acid and alkali corrosive substances in daily life and work environment, such as abluent and cosmetics. Human’s sweat will vary as people’s bodies are different. It will corrode metal or galvanized coating to different extents. Please keep your hands clean and don’t wear the watch during sports.
High hardness materials
Some of “EBOHR” watches are made with sapphire glass. Watchcase and band are made with cemented carbide and high-tech fine ceramics based on tungsten carbide, featuring high hardness and strong abrasion resistance. After being worn for a long time, the watch can still remain clean and new. In daily life, abrasion paper, nail file and concrete wall will be harder than the above materials. Therefore, watchcase, band and glass might be scratched due to careless contact with the above materials. Their flexure strength and impact toughness are weaker than stainless steel. The watch should be prevented from impact or falling down onto the hard ground so as to prevent any damage against watchcase, band and glass.
Leather band
Except special statement, “EBOHR” band is usually made with quality cattle hide. When being worn, the watch should not contact with acid, alkali and oil substances. It should not be soaked in rain and water, brushed with water, baked on fire or exposed under sunshine. Otherwise, it will result in color fading, surface crack, fracture and fall-off. If it contacts with moisture, please use a soft and dry cloth or tissue to wipe it as soon as possible, and then dry it in natural condition. Salt marsh and dirt can be wiped by a soft and wet cloth and neutral soap. Occasionally, the watch band bottom can be wiped with a soft cloth by dipping a small amount of ethyl alcohol. The watch band should not be fastened too much. A finger gap should be reserved between watch band and wrist so as to let air flow smoothly and make moisture evaporate in time.
Watch button
Watch button is a quick-wear part. During normal use, a watch button is opened and closed for over 2,000 times. According to locking mode, watch button can be divided into friction locking button and spring locking button. Due to friction or sliding part abrasion, the watch button will get loose after being opened and closed for certain times. To ensure safe wearing, the watch button should be repaired in time when it gets loose. When repairing the loose friction locking watch button caused by friction, moving buckle can be knocked slightly to change its radian. During use, increase the locking friction of watch button. If the spring in spring locking button meets with water, it might be rusted and affect the button service life. During use, you should try to prevent spring locking button from entering water or drop low-viscosity lubricating oil into the hole at the back of button cover so as to prevent spring from rusting.
Notes for chemical medicine
Don’t have your watch corroded by solvents (including ethyl alcohol and gasoline), Hg, cosmetics, spray, lotion, adhesive or paint. Otherwise, the watch appearance will be discolored, corrupted or damaged. In particular, the waterproof part will be damaged which results in poor water resistance.
Sweat protection
If sweat and dirt stick to the gap of watchcase and band for a long time, it will oxidize, corrode or rust the watch. In particular, the waterproof part will be damaged which results in poor water resistance. The plastic film on the watch bottom should be removed before use so as to prevent sweat from entering. It is suggested that the water surface should be cleaned once per week.
ISO9000 quality management system
EBOHR are based on ISO9000 quality management system for all products, use advanced equipment and technology, pass all tests of the national quality supervision and inspection center of clocks and watches, meet first-class standard(mechanical watches QB/T 1249-2013, pointer type quartz watches GB/T6044-2016).
Periodic maintenance
It is suggested that users had better send the watches to the after-sales service points designated by EBOHR every 1-2 year(s) for maintaining water resistance, outer parts and movement so as to prolong the watch service life.
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