After-sale Service
Service concept
Service concept

Exquisite products attract customers

Fine quality retains customers

Dedicated service touches customers

Double Guarantee
“Exquisiteness opens up elegant life” is a new proposition from EBOHR brand.It is not just a slogan, and it is a new watch making concept for EBOHR to design, manufacture,promote and sell boutiques. It is also a solemn commitment for EBOHR people’s consistency between words and actions and EBOHR products’ constant quality.Its upgraded products will show more exquisite design, delicate craft, durable quality and valuable consumption benefits. In addition, EBOHR provides consumers with more cost-effective after-sales maintenance and repair services so as to make the new concept of “exquisiteness opens up elegant life” create more consumption benefits for customers.
Exclusive Service
Nationwide Quality Guarantee
We provide many service points. Currently, our company has over 40 technical service centers. When customers need to repair their watches, they can directly go to the local maintenance center or send them to the maintenance center via EBOHR’s counter in shopping mall. Within 1 year after purchase date, we will prove free and professional maintenance for any product problems within guarantee scope after customers present valid user manual (filled with customer and watch information and stamped by shopping mall) or invoices. We also provide considerate services for any products beyond guarantee date or maintenance scope. However, customers need to undertake material cost, maintenance cost, postage and insurance expense, etc.
Individualized Inscription
During sales, we provide customers with free individualized inscription. If the actual cost for a single watch is more than RMB 2,000, we will provide customers with individualized inscription and bear the freight. If the actual cost for a single watch is less than RMB 2,000, we will charge RMB100 as postage and insurance expense.
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